Victoria Cutting Counsellor & Supervisor

What issues and problems can Counselling help with?

People enter counselling for many and varied reasons. Sometimes people are aware of their issues and begin counselling to confront and deal with their problems. Others may be unable to identify the source of their problems, possibly due to the fact that unwanted memories or terrifying feelings have been buried deep into the unconscious.

Common issues

Some of the more common issues that are addressed within counselling are:-

Abuse, Addictions, Anger, Anxiety, Bereavement, Bullying, Depression, Divorce, Eating disorders, Family issues, Fears, Life changes, Loss, Low self-confidence or esteem, Obsesive Compulsive Disorders, Phobias, Pregnancy, Post traumatic stress disorders, Post natal depression, Relationship issues, Sexual abuse, Stress, Work related issues.

Any issues or problems past or present that cause you concern can be addressed within counselling. Whether in individual or couple counselling, I will provide a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment. I can assure you that at all times you will receive a professional service, which is both empathic and understanding.


COUNSELLOR! – (Victoria Cutting)

Your title above is so important to me
Without your professional expertise, Victoria,
I dread to think what sort of state I would be.

Seven weeks ago-when I first entered your door
Never in my life – had I been counselled before,
These past few weeks, I have opened up so much,
And now I really feel I need to keep in touch’.

Perhaps one day soon, I shall make up my mind
By completely leaving all my anguish behind?
Please consider my need and keep counselling me
You will be successful. Just you wait and see!

Janet. (Individual Client)
(This lovely poem was written for me by one of my earliest clients)

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